Sunniva Ottestad and Gabrielle Carlson join Your Majesty's studio

Jul 23, 2021
We are growing! Meet our new Producer Squire Sunniva Ottestad (left) and Strategist Gabrielle Carlson (right).

About Sunniva

Sunniva waved Oslo goodbye for living in Brussels and Rotterdam with a pit stop in Sydney. During her studies, Sunniva explored interests in circular and fashion oriented business models. This immense drive led to researching digital fashion and the connected NFT scene, leaving her completely mesmerized.

All digital innovations captivate Sunniva’s attention daily. She gets very excited about the implementation of VR in our future—how will these spaces evolve?—and she even teaches herself to animate in 3D.

With a master’s degree in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship, Sunniva is all set on finding the right solution. And if she is nowhere to be found, you probably should check the waters. The ocean, the pool, the fjords in Norway, you name it, she absolutely always takes the plunge.

About Gabrielle

With an immortal curiosity for messy topics within the fields of culture, tech and psychology, Gabrielle left Sweden for Amsterdam. During her career she’s been working with clients such as Volkswagen, Weshare, and Adidas.

As a devotee for value-driven work, she wants to create new possibilities for brands and businesses to connect with people in ways that add holistic value.

When she’s not busy searching for the yet undiscovered, Gabrielle is on a constant lookout for new restaurants in Amsterdam, reads pieces of poetry, and cooks food for her friends.