Henriette Brück joins Your Majesty As Junior Designer

Mar 26, 2021
Born and raised near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Henriette developed a passion for creative work and pursued a degree in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.

Henriette Brück joins the Knighthood as Jr Digital Designer

After joining Your Majesty in 2020 as Digital Design Squire, we are delighted to announce that Henriette is officially joining the Knighthood as our new Junior Designer, bringing her dedication to the craft of design and curiosity about new technologies.

Being classically trained in graphic design and print work, she also started exploring and developing an interest in digital design and its interactive elements. After gaining her first work experience through an internship in Manchester, UK, and graduating from University in early 2020, she decided to leave her home country behind and start her Amsterdam career.

From the first moment we welcomed her at Your Majesty, she won us over with a huge portion of can-do attitude and a fresh perspective on design. At the age of only 23, her determination and curiosity are something we can learn from and are highly valued by our fellow designers.

Cheers to Henriette!