Viet Hoang named Director of Brand & Experience Strategy

Apr 01, 2021
It has been almost half a decade that he's been with us, so we are delighted to announce his new position.

As an economist turned strategist, Viet combines business acumen with cultural sensitivity to help our clients build, launch, and grow lasting businesses.

Viet is now our Director of Brand & Experience Strategy.

He approaches life with a smile on his face and makes sure everyone around him—from clients, to team members— feels listened and appreciated. This focus on positive and constructive collaboration especially comes through in his work: people not only believe in his output, they are advocates for his proposed strategy.

As our go-to person for industry references as well as a trove of long form articles and case studies. He is also a whimsical writer who writes his own newsletter and has recently published his opinion piece on Gen Z in an emotive and eye-opening way.