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As the lines between our digital and real life continue to converge, there’s a growing opportunity for fashion and freedom of expression in the metaverse.

In 2021, Singaporean-based tech company ALTAVA, reached out to launch and drive the growth of its emerging business.

ALTAVA Group’s value proposition includes avatar creation, product digitisation and NFT formation.

Our project together included rebranding the business, ALTAVA GROUP, and developing the brand identity and launch strategy for its mobile styling game, ALTAVA.

A mobile game for playful self-expression

Our research revealed something not commonly associated with gaming.

More than a distraction, games provide a safe space where people can explore who they are and manifest who they want to become.

With the strategic positioning Worlds of You, we encourage users to discover, curate and play. Not just with their style but more broadly with their identity.

Providing access to the future of fashion

In advance of ALTAVA’s launch in SEA we created a market-specific survey that uncovered four barriers to entry for consumers.

To overcome them, we recommended the marketing comms communication pillars:

  1. Lead with the access ALTAVA offers to the fashion world
  2. Highlight ALTAVA’s fashion credibility
  3. Demonstrate ALTAVA’s social influence
  4. Prove how easy it is to get involved in ALTAVA’s enhanced reality

The result?

The launch market proposition:

ALTAVA, where you’ll find fashion’s future.

Bringing ALTAVA to life

ALTAVA debuted in the digital heartland with a new app and brand.

“There are agencies with impressive track records developing brands for some of the world’s most innovative companies.

And there are agencies whose strategic brilliance is reflected in their thought leadership.

But there are relatively few agencies possessing all this who were also early participants in the metaverse—particularly as it pertains to the newly-intertwined worlds of fashion and gaming.

There is where Your Majesty sits.”

Debra Langley—Partner, Lyra Ventures

Democratising luxury digital fashion

As an extension of ALTAVA, we worked with ALTAVA GROUP to launch its online shop: ALTAVA Market.

There, visitors can participate in the future of commerce with the opportunity to buy, trade and re-sell fashion-forward NFTs like the Balmain X Barbie and the Balmain x Dogpound collection.

These pieces can move freely between virtual worlds with interoperable technology, including ALTAVA.

Outcomes & Services

Project Outcomes
  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Book
  • Brand Application Guidelines
  • Marketing Website Design
  • NFT Marketplace Design
  • Mobile Game UI Design
  • Digital Style Guide
  • Launch Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Brand Strategy
  • Industry Positioning
  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Interviews & User Testing
  • Launch and Product Strategy
  • Insight Mining & Synthesis
  • Collaborative Working Sessions
Creative & Design
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Direction
  • Logo Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Iconography Design


Learn more about ALTAVA GROUP on its website or on Vogue.

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